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Saving the planet,

One noodle
at a time.

Environmentally friendly pasta-based stir sticks for the conscious coffee & tea connoisseur.





Why Pasta Stir Sticks?

It’s time to put away your plastic and wood stirrers and switch to a greener pasta-based alternative for your coffee and tea. PaStir Pasta Stir Stix simply compost in your local food waste bin in as little as 2 months and are the clear choice for an eco-friendly office, break room, and home. 

PaStir pasta-based stirrers are a fantastic choice in achieving a greener, healthier and eco-friendly break room. PaStir Pasta Stir Stix have all the advantages of traditional stirrers, without any of the disadvantages. It’s easy to see why switching to PaStir Stix is the best solution for stirring your hot and cold drinks!

Just stir, toss, and go.

Shop online and get it delivered to your door!

Proudly Made in Canada

Premium quality 5” stirring sticks. Stays strong and firm when stirring hot or cold drinks. Proudly and locally made right here in Ontario with 100% Canadian wheat.

Stir with Confidence

PaStir Stir Stix are Vegan and Kosher! Perfect for coffee and tea! Stir up to one minute and toss it in the compost.

Skip Plastic and Wood

Eco-friendly and sustainable ingredients. No additives, preservatives or added colour. Fully compostable stirrers that simply break down into nutrient biomass.

Keeping it Green

Minimal packaging and no plastic wrapping for a lower environmental impact. Carton made from 100% recyclable material.

Eco-Friendly From Pasta To Packaging

PaStir stirrers are the greener alternative to traditional plastic or wood stirrers. Made from a fast-growing renewable resource, PaStir Pasta Stir Stix can be used and then simply disposed of with your local food waste, no special composting facilities required!

The carton has also been carefully crafted with 100% recyclable material, so you can be sure that with every stir your environmental impact is minimal.

Top view of natural pasta sticks and coffee beans
Natural Ingredients
A box of PaStir Stix on top of flat, empty cartons
Recyclable Packaging
Top view of an open box of PaStir Stix and coffee mug with a pasta stir stick stirring and stir stick holder and plant top left
100% Compostable
Close up top down view picture of a box of PaStir Stix with pasta, coffee beans and a plant in the background

Customer Reviews

“I was completely surprised on how well pasta stir sticks performed. We replaced our wood stirrers in our kitchen immediately.”
Barbara W.
“These sticks are the real deal. Perfectly sized, works well for stirring my coffee, unbelievable. The mighty stir stick has evolved once again.”
Jared C.
“My team loves the idea of not having to cut down trees just to stir their drinks for a couple seconds and then have to throw it away. ”
Kasper T.

Frequently Asked Questions

PaStir Stix will stay strong, firm and flexible whether you’re stirring coffee or tea! You will get a dependable stir for up to one minute of continuous action, as our stirrers actually become more flexible and less brittle after submersion.

PaStir Stix are a great choice for vegan diets as they do not contain any eggs or animal byproducts. Although our stirrers contain gluten, only trace amounts may be present in your drink after stirring, which makes them acceptable for use if on a gluten-free diet by choice. If you are gluten-intolerant or allergic to gluten they are not suitable for use.

Made with 100% grade no. 1 Canadian wheat with no additives, preservatives or added colour. Our stirrers are fortified with Niacin (Vitamin B3), Ferrous sulfate (Iron), Thiamine mononitrate (Vitamin B1), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), and Folic acid (Vitamin B9).

Wheat is a fast-growing renewable resource that will reduce the amount of trees we cut down, just to simply stir our drinks. It can take up to 20 years to fully grow a tree for wood stir sticks compared to PaStir Sticks main ingredient (wheat) which only takes 4 months from seed to harvest and only 2 months to completely compost into nutrient biomass.

Although PaStir Stix are made of pasta, they are not intended for consumption and we do not recommend you eat them, but instead be used only to stir your drink.

You can buy PaStir Stirrers online, right here on our website! Go to product page to order online now.

For special bulk orders, email [email protected], or submit your inquiries using our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with options!

Alternatively, you can contact your local vendor/provider and inquire about carrying PaStir Pasta Stir Stix for your break room needs